• Requirements

    ​The main requirements for Spanish Golden Visa through real estate investments are the following: 

    • Main investor needs to be at least 18 year old.  He / she can invest privately or through a legal entity.  This legal entity can't be registered in a country that is considered a "tax heaven" and should be fully (100% ownership) owned by the investor. 

    • During the application process the authorities will check previous criminal record and ensure there haven't been any illegal stays in Spain.

    • The minimum investment amount is EUR500.000,00 and this amount needs to be provided fully by the main investor (not including mortgages, loans or any other financing instruments if any)

  • Benefits

    • Spanish Golden Visa is granted to the investor and his family (spouse and minor kids)

    • Visa holder can live in Spain or stay as little as a few days (one trip) per year.  Depending on the length of stay the investor is considered tax resident in Spain or elsewhere.

    • Permanent residency is granted after 5 years and citizenship after 10 years if investor and / or family live in Spain during this period

    • Possibility to travel to other Schengen states 90 days out of every 180 days.

    • Investor and family members can work with this visa.

    • Property can be rented for rental income.

    • After the permanent residency is received (5 years) the property can be sold.

    • Investor can buy and sell properties during as long as the investment threshold is maintained.

  • Process

    The main requirement for the application is ownership of the property with minimum of EUR500,000.00 value in Spain. 


    Once the property is obtained, initial investor visa is requested and processed at investor’s origin country by the Spanish Consulate.  The investor needs to travel to Spain with this visa in order to apply for the residency number (NIE) and card with the Spanish authorities. 


    All this process and other necessary steps (opening of the bank account, insurance processing, etc.) will be arranged and coordinated by Levatio team.


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