Investment structure & process

How can I invest?

Please contact us with your details and someone from our team will get in touch with you within 24 hours. We will discuss your specific needs and provide further information and arrangements accordingly.

What kind of return can I expect from my investment?

We aim to deliver 10% annual return on all the projects. This number is usually greater, but can be smaller too depending on each project. Please consult project offer you receive from our team for detailed information on each opportunity.

How long does each Real Estate Investment project last?

This depends on each individual investment project. Usually our projects range from 3 months to 2 years. Average period is 7 months.

When do I receive my returns?

At the end of each Investment Project investment amount and returns are reported to the Investor. Depending on his/her strategy, each Investor decides if he/she wants to take funds out or invest towards a new project.

How can I get information of the project as it progresses?

All the investors involved in the project receive bi-weekly updates on the progress and get access to online project folder. This live folder is continuously updated with photos, files and other relevant data.

How can I get information on the investment opportunities with Levatio Group?

Please contact us and indicate your interest in the current investment opportunities on the form. You will receive an email within 24 hours with your unique access codes to the private area of of web where all the new projects are posted. Please mark "Send me information on the new projects" when filling out the form in order to be included on all the new project emails.

Is there a minimum and maximum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount is EUR100,000.00. There is no maximum investment amount, however we prefer to participate in all the projects with ≥ 20% share ourselves.

What taxes will I pay on an individual level for my returns?

This depends on the tax rules in your country of residence and/or origin. We partner with international tax lawyers who can assess you depending on your individual situation. Please contact us should you need assistance with international taxation.

What does Levatio Group do?

Levatio Group is a company specialised in real estate investments in Spain, particularly in Barcelona.

Project management

How do you choose your projects?

We target undervalued assets at a significant discount (30-40%) from the current market value. The objective is to make a profit even if the real estate market suddenly drops. Also, we do mainly short to mid-term projects that do not exceed 18 months, therefore don't have to plan for too long term.

How do you decide what improvements to do to the property to increase value?

We calculate RoI for different types of improvements and compare it to the time it would take to realise each improvement. Then we choose the most optimal one. We prioritise a quick sale over a higher price.

How do you choose the constructor?

Over the last few years we have had contact with many constructors and have a list of a few who we work with on regular basis due to their professional approach, pricing and quality. We get proposals from at least 3 of these partners and decide on one based on the requirements of the project.

How long does a renovation project last?

It varies depending on the project - whether it is an apartment, a commercial space, a building and the type of renovation that needs to be done, licences to be received.

Do you ever keep properties for rent instead of selling it?

Yes, depending on the project and rental returns we might consider this as an option. In all our Project proposals we include a section where possible rental returns are calculated.

Is there a possibility the project doesn't make any profit?

This has never happened as we buy the properties at a very high discount. Also, when doing calculations for RoI we overestimate the costs for renovations and other improvements.