Since 2011 Levatio Group has invested in the Spanish Real Estate market with “Core”, “Core Plus” and “Value Added” strategies.



While real estate assets have shown no immunity to the financial shocks of recent years, with the right strategy and hands on management real estate is the preferred option for many investors seeking secure income streams.  Levatio Group has capitalized on this opportunity by studying the Spanish Real Estate market in depth and building strategic partnerships and influential network. 


Opportunity analysis

We receive information on off-market stressed assets on daily basis.  Our dedicated personnel reviews this incoming information filtering the ones that are of further interest.  All the properties selected at this stage are later physically visited and studied.




A viable and efficient tax strategy, construction plan, legal structure is vital for any successful project.  We ensure that every part of the project is studied in detail by a professional in the area and an efficient structure is tailored to optimize the investment.




Once the project is fully studied and approved it is offered to outside investors.   A separate SPV is created for each investment project and the investors become co-owners of the SPV.


Investment structure & process

How can I see currently available Real Estate Investment projects?

Please contact us through the form in Current Projects menu and we will get back to you with a unique access code that will allow you review all the information in private area.

What kind of return can I expect from my investment?

This depends on each individual project. We aim to deliver a minimum of 8% RoI to our investors.

How long does each Real Estate Investment project last?

This depends on each individual investment project. Usually our projects range from 3 months to 2 years. Average period is 7 months.

When do I receive my returns?

At the end of each Investment Project investment amount and returns are reported to the Investor. Depending on his/her strategy, each Investor decides if he/she wants to take funds out or invest towards a new project.

How can I get information of the project as it progresses?

All the Investors receive monthly updates on the progress of the Project.

What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount is €50,000.00

Are you structured as a fund? How do I invest?

No, we are not. Each investor decides whether he/she wants to invest in the specific project. An individual contract is signed for each project.

What taxes will I pay on an individual level for my returns?

This depends on the tax rules in your country of residence and/or origin. We partner with international tax lawyers who can assess you depending on your individual situation.

Where are the proceeds from the asset sale deposited? Do I have any control over this?

Once the project is finalised we share final project report and accounting with all the investors. Those investors who do not want to continue with other projects get their initial deposit and returns deposited in the indicated bank account. Those who want to invest in other projects continue with Levatio Group and a new project is signed.

Project management

How are the returns from the project split among the investors and Levatio?

The first 5% from the earnings are paid to the investors. The next 3% is paid to Levatio as the management fee. The rest of the earnings are split 50%-50% among the investors and Levatio. For example, if total earnings from the project are 25%, the split would be: - 5% to the investor - 3% to Levatio - 17% divided 50%-50% amoung the investors and Levatio